Here is a look at the inside - this is how the yoke and tube are connected.

Here is the finished yoke section with the bronzes attached.

Here we see the finished spolas. Note the addition of the tie-down washers (front and side) made of bone discs with etched bronze discs underneath and the attached suede thongs, which are tied in place around them.

When worn, your spolas should fit you just like mine does here (no matter what features, or lack of features your design includes, no matter how thin, fat, tall or short you may be). Proportions are EVERYTHING! The shoulder strap tips should tie down like mine in the same places in front - notice how the attached bronzes comprise a trauma plate across the chest. The top of the armor tube should cover the same area as mine, and the pteruges should be no longer ("junk" length - not below). The chitoniskos should not be longer than this either - notice... NO SLEEVES!

This is how a proper-fitting spolas should look when worn.