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Research & Reenactments

​Our Kyklos of Hoplite reenactors has over 40 years of research and study collectively.  The backgrounds of the Kyklos members range from teaching, law enforcement, martial arts, athletics, art, music, blacksmithing, woodworking, and leathersmithing, so together we have been able to present the most realistic and authentic presentation of the Classical Greek Hoplite that we believe exists anywhere in the United States.  We believe that nothing is more real than real, so the majority of our equipment is handmade to exacting style and parameters found in pottery, sculpture, artifacts and literature (*see Rules For Reenactors).  Our panoply items consist of real armor and real weapons that could presumably be really used in the combat environments of the 5th century Aegean world.

Kyklos members are available for reenactments in various parts of the US.  We are happy to participate in festivals, such as annual Greek festivals or anachronistic and reenactment events.  Having a few armed Hoplites around is always a huge focus of attention due to their rarity, realism, and integral part of not only Greek, but Western heritage.  Other event venues Kyklos members would be happy to assist with would be at museums or any other appropriately Greek-themed events.  

Dioskouri: Authentic ancient equipment

​Purchase handmade, real, historically accurate weapons, armor, and instruments. *Please see the DIOSKOURI link for more details.

​​​About Us...

​​Exhibitions & Seminars

As Living Historians, we enthusiastically participate in live exhibitions of our panoply collections at museums, libraries, and schools.  Kyklos members may also be available to present seminars and lectures on various topics of ancient Greek life, most notably the aspect of Classical era Hoplite heavy infantry and the phalanx, but also some members are highly skilled musicians and can lecture about and perform ancient Greek music.

Kyklos hoplites have developed a very engaging and interactive seminar on ancient Greek warfare which has been presented to universities and secondary schools to extremely positive reviews!  Various authentic and handmade panoply items are exhibited, along with stories and anecdotes bringing the world of the Hoplite to life. Audience members are encouraged to participate and are outfitted with faux panoply weapons and armor to illustrate the formation and function of a Greek phalanx!

​​*Use the Contact Us page to inquire how to schedule a presentation