Mission Statement

The purpose of this site is to provide an inclusive and extensive resource for anyone who is interested in the world of the Ancient Greek Hoplite. The primary audience this site is designed for is students, teachers, reenactors and living historians.

A small group of dedicated living historians decided to collaborate in the creation of a Hoplite interest website. In deciding to do so, we wanted to design and operate a greatly expanded site--one that not only included the usual assortment of equipment and recycled information found elsewhere, but to build a community for people interested in Hoplites and the world they inhabited. We hope that people all over the world can eventually use this site to communicate and share their passion for the ancient world of the Hoplite .

This site will be updated as often as our schedule allows. We want to establish an informative and complete resource for everyone.

As we continue to build this site, future sections will include:

  •  An area devoted to the reenactors and historians who have dedicated their time, passion and drachmae to assemble Panoplies and personas in bringing this period of history to life.

  •  The music, instruments and lyrics of the Ancient Greeks, including artifact notations and modern staff translations and lyrics, never available at a central reference site before; including all the fragments of the works of Tyrtaeus.

  •  Patterns for clothing and equipment, including tips and tricks to assembling the parts and pieces of the Hoplite's Panoply, or armament.

  •  Ancient Greek Language: We hope future partnerships in Academia will allow us to present a concise guide to the alphabet, basic ancient greetings, phrases and vocabulary.

  •  The Greek Mythologies:  A guide to the Greek Gods and Heroes.

We will take the time needed to present a comprehensive site that encompasses the world of the Greek Hoplite.

Stay Tuned ...

~Michael DeMik


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